XU, founded by the culinary masterminds behind cult favourite BAO, is bringing the authentic experience of a traditional Taiwanese Teahouse to London. Inspired by the heritage of the co-founders, the new Teahouse will immerse guests in the unique culture surrounding tea in Taiwan.

Guests will be able to escape the bustling streets of Soho to indulge in the ceremony of tea and sink into an oasis of calm. The XU Teahouse will offer traditional Taiwanese ways to enjoy a cuppa, from a simple Brewed Cup to a full Afternoon Tea Ceremony, as well as the ritualised Traditional Tea Service. Tea Experts will similarly be on hand for drink recommendations to accompany the Teahouse's rice bowls.

Those who enter will enjoy authentic Taiwanese dishes, smell the fresh brewing of tea and hear the click-clack of Mahjong Tiles, from those playing the game in the secret Mahjong rooms. The XU Teahouse is set to be truly evocative of the Taipei of olden days.

To redeem: Please email online and quote ‘SL VIP’ when booking.


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Venue Details

30 Rupert Street, Soho Chinatown,
London W1D 6DL

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Offer Validation

Offer valid from Wednesday 18th July - Sunday 12th August.

Offer valid for up to 6 people. 


'Not only are XU's teas fragrant and delicious, but the process is steeped in so much heritage and tradition that you'll be making a return visit ASAP to learn more about the sacred Taiwanese ritual.'