A shared love affair with Mexico's rich and colourful design heritage is the inspiration behind Tea & Tequila – a refreshing new brand and ethical project. All their bags are designed in-house and exquisitely hand-crafted by Mexican artisans, combining indigenous traditional artistry with the founders' inherently London style to create luxury bags that feel like something you’ve never seen before.

The intricate glass-bead and sequin designs are hand-embroidered in Puebla by a team of highly-skilled artisans. Leathers of the finest quality are sourced from the state of Guanajuato in tropical colours celebrating the vibrant culture of Mexico. You can expect gorgeous handmade finishing, high-quality construction and distinctive patterned linings.

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'We love Tea & Tequila's pouch bags –  think gorgeous embroidery, intricate beading, distinctive patterned linings and high-quality Mexican leather in tropical colours.'