The Happy Gut Guide is a 12 week self-management programme designed to help YOU take control of your IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) symptoms. The Happy Gut Guide has been co-created by Dietitian Laura Tilt and Madeleine Shaw. 

Laura is a registered dietitian who has specialised in gut conditions and IBS for over five years, seeing hundreds of IBS sufferers in weekly clinics. Since training in the low FODMAP diet in 2012, and seeing how many people were struggling with IBS symptoms without support, Laura has become passionate about raising awareness of IBS, and helping sufferers to take control. 

Madeleine is a nutritional therapist and best selling author of three cookbooks. She first got into health after being diagnosed with IBS. After years of suffering Madeleine discovered that changing her diet and lifestyle was the key to managing symptoms. She always dreamed of sharing her knowledge with the world, helping others with the same condition.

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'If you’ve been diagnosed with or just confused about IBS, this is the program for you. Get ready to make some lifestyle changes to help manage your symptoms - You can trust these pros.'