Achieving a bright white smile has never been easier, and safer, with Dr Krystyna. Having whiter teeth can help improve your confidence but its super important that you do this safely, as many over the counter or online bleaching kits can be dangerous and offer only a short term solution. They put you at risk of mouth infections, tooth ache, gum recession – or shrinkage – and even tooth nerve damage.

Teeth are built up mainly from a tissue called dentine, which is naturally yellow in colour. The whiteness comes from the hard enamel coating, which covers the whole of the tooth. Over time this enamel can wear and thin, which means teeth appear more yellow as the dentine shows through. To significantly whiten your teeth, Dr Krystyna recommends bespoke teeth whitening trays which are the safest, most effective teeth whitening method.

During your first appointment and consultation she will answer any of your questions and take a mould of your mouth to enable the trays to fit comfortably in your mouth, and during the second appointment Dr Krystyna will fit the trays and give you all the products you need for bright white teeth. You’ll also walk away with a luxury gift post which includes 4 syringes, a dental tray case and instruction leaflet.

To redeem: Please email info@blushandblowlondon.com or call 020 7736 0430 and quote SheerLuxe VIP when booking.

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Don’t forget to take your SL VIP card along with proof of ID to redeem the offer.


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197 New Kings Road, Fulham, London SW6 4SR


Offer Validation

Offer valid from 1st until 30th April 2019.


'We’re excited to try the treatments Dr Krystyna is offering and can’t think of a better location to come for it than Blush and Blow.’